I’m Angela Pruner Startz and I’m a member of the Inupiaq people of northern Alaska.
I graduated with a degree in radio/television/film production and went on to owning my own business, working in retail and insurance salvage. Following the dissolution of the business, I gained work at the University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences. Within a year, I was promoted from assistant to director of information for the college.
I am self-taught in software and learn quickly. My favorite thing is to start out by clicking buttons to see how I can make them do what I need them to do.
In the eight years I’ve been the information specialist at the OU College of Arts and Sciences, I have embarked on updating our website twice and redesigning our newsletter to a glossy magazine. I also am charged with designing outreach pieces for the college, including invitations, event programs, fliers for speakers and any other event piece required.
I also handle the social media for the college, including our Facebook group and our Twitter feed.
I’m fortunate to work with a team of people that are supportive and creative, giving each other ideas and expanding our outreach to our various audiences in the college.
For more information, you may contact me at gingela@gmail.com.


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